Hitchin TV’s Haunted Hitchin paranormal investigation took place to at Fabio’s Gelato, a charming establishment which sends forth the essence of yesteryears, located in the building known as the former Red Cow pub, in Hitchin’s Market Square, where just yards away were the infamous Dead Street slums, where poverty, overcrowding and disease were widespread.

The Red Cow spoke of a deep-seated history, with the carved numbers 1676 on the bottom stair tread symbolising its age-old existence. The former pub boasts mysterious cellars under the towns pavements, emitting an eerie dampness, while its structure stands tall with three floors.

From historical records, we learn that this building once had a balcony, offering panoramic views of the bustling Market Place during historical events such as Queen Victoria’s Jubilees in the years 1887 and 1897. Interestingly, a hidden spy-hole, complete with a shutter and reinforcements, was discretely tucked behind the balcony’s room.

This spy-hole is thought to be a relic from a time when women needed to quickly adapt to unexpected appearances by the towns constables.

The Red Cow’s history is intriguing, as it seems to be intertwined with another establishment known as the Red House, found in the same Market Place. Research revealed that both the Red Cow and the Red House were owned by Robert Crofts in 1731, later passed on to his son Richard in 1763. Adding more mystery to the mix, a pub sharing the same name was reportedly present in Walsworth in 1730.