General Election hustings for the Hitchin and Harpenden constituency arranged by Churches Together in Hitchin at Christchurch, Hitchin on Tuesday 26th November 2019

The Chair was Jane Mainwaring and the candidates participating were, from left to right:

Bim Afolami (Conservative)

Sid Cordle (Christian Peoples Alliance)

Sam Collins (Liberal Democrat)

Kay Tart (Labour)

Peter Marshall (Advance Together) was invited and accepted, but was subsequently unable to attend.


5:47 – Candidate opening statements

18:34 – Statement from the Green Party

22:21 – Q1: Brexit (Conservative deal and second referendum)

28:58 – Q2: “How would you guarantee in a remain constituency that you would best represent your constituents?”

33:40 – Q3: Climate change and biodiversity

38:30 – Q4: Luton Airport expansion

42:32 – Q5: Road traffic pollution

49:26 – Q6: Schools

55:32 – Q7: Appointments at local GP surgeries

1:00:47 – Q8: Food banks

1:05:57 – Q9: Services for people with disabilities

1:11:19 – Q10: “Who should get free prescriptions?”

1:17:27 – Q11: “How does your party propose to increase funding for public services?”

1:22:18 – Q12: Cap on debt interest / charges

1:27:45 – Q13: “Does anyone deserve to be a billionaire?”

1:30:48 – Q14: Foreign aid

1:38:30 – Q15: “Give an example of a position of your party that you oppose.”

1:42:52 – Q16: “How will you ensure that your constituents, including young people, feel listened to?”

1:46:34 – Miscellaneous comments from the floor

1:53:20 – Candidate closing statements