Wow the power of Facebook ads just gets better and better.

If you’ve used Facebook for your business you’ve already discovered a brilliant source of new customers. You may even have used the BOOST button on some of your posts to reach more people on Facebook.

If you’ve done this you’ve probably had mixed or poor results. It’s way too easy to get carried away with a £10 boost here and £20 there, but when you reach the end of the month you discover you’ve spent a tonne of money with very little return. Gulp!

To really succeed on Facebook you need to get stuck into Facebook ads manager. Here you can start to drill down to some really interesting data that everyone who uses Facebook has declared.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s why Facebook is so interested in your profile.

It’s delightful that your hobbies are diving and music, especially David Bowie, and you’ve added that to your profile and talk about it on Facebook – but sorry to say the robots at Facebook are not really that bothered what you like, they simply use all of your information to display adverts to you related to your interests, location, age, hobbies, work, your friends, their friends and more.

The more you click ‘like’ on a David Bowie post, the more likely you are to get an advert telling you about the latest box set of must have remasters.

As a business this is brilliant information for you to reach out to more potential customers. Where else can you guarantee your adverts will reach your target audience? You could spend thousands of pounds on newspaper ads, leaflets or other printed media and only reach a fraction of the potential customers that would be genuinely interested.

With Facebook you can use this information to create an audience for your Facebook ads that directly relate to what you do or sell.

For instance say you run a Gym in your town. You can create an audience who like fitness and wellbeing in your town and say a 5 mile radius.

How about going further? What if your customers or niche are aged between 40 and 55? You can target those people perhaps creating an advert that offers ‘£20 off your first fitness class with this code FITNESS55’.

In that way the money you spend is not wasted on other people in your town who may not be your target customer.

What if you could target people on Facebook with ads after they have visited your website? That would be brilliant, because if they have visited your website they’re obviously interested in your product or service, but perhaps just need a nudge to contact you or buy from you.

Step in the Facebook Pixel, your pixelated friend that can magically send targeted adverts to potential customers who visit your site.

But that’s another story.

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