We return to The Cloisters…a place born of desires and dreams, in the serene heart of Letchworth Garden City.

In 1905, this monumental edifice, drenched in mysteries, was conceived as an open-air school of psychology and art. Orchestrated by the enigmatic Quaker, Annie Jane Lawrence, it became a fulcrum for cultivating sharp minds that echoed the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement.

But as whispers of war began to haunt Europe, the serene melodies of organised concerts were replaced by the solemn echoes of the Second World War. The Cloisters were commandeered by the Army and left with scars of conflict – physical and spectral – a reminder of an age long past.

Annie Lawrence, too tenacious to let her dream crumble, gifted it to the Freemasons in 1951. Today, over sixty Masonic lodges continue to weave enigmatic tales within the hallowed walls.

Yet, within these timeless walls, a darker narrative lurks—invisible to curious eyes, yet audible to attuned ears. Mystifying footsteps echoing in the desolate halls… EMF readings… whispers of spectral voices when mortal souls vacate the edifice.

It was here, during our first encounter, we heard Annie’s ethereal voice through the spirit box—a spectral whisper softly proclaiming her contentment that a certain staff member works here – by uttering the word “yes” to our question.

These chilling anomalies unfolded during our previous investigation, indicating we were not alone.

Deep beneath the majestic structure lies a labyrinth of ancient tunnels, rooms, and corridors—a cold, unnerving maze that harbours eerie spectres from another time. For years, these have remained abandoned, unseen, slept to the lullabies of the darkness. Haunting voices echo in greeting late into the night, leading many to believe that Miss Lawrence herself, continues to dwell within her creation.

As we delve into the realms of the unseen, brace yourself for the further investigations at The Cloisters – a place where the boundary separating the physical and spectral realms blurs, dropping us into the twilight of the supernatural.