Here’s how to stop potential customers becoming nothing more than a statistic.

48% of website users say that if they arrive at a website that is experiencing problems with display, usability and functionality, will get the impression that your business simply does not care.

To ignore a statistic such as this, when 62% of businesses who designed their websites specifically for mobile seen an increase in sales. After all, your business is all about generating sales, isn’t it?

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Here are some simple steps to check whether you are giving the right impression:

Have you looked into your own website lately?

Often, you get so wrapped up in your business, there are naturally going to be areas that put to the bottom of the pile. Look, but not only on your laptop or desktop, but your mobile. Pretend you are a customer visiting for the 1st time, and list the positives and negatives that you experience as a customer.

Just 55% of companies are currently conducting any online user experience testing.

You can dig your head in the sand, but you could be missing out on valuable custom. Select some friends, family and fellow business people, provide them with a simple questionnaire and ask them for feedback about their experience.

Do you get the feeling your website is about to die?

As with most things, they have a shelf life. Keeping your website active, up to date, and engaging is a must for your website and search engine optimisation. Search engines will recognise that your website is alive, with updates and content. Freshness, quality and regular updates create trust and encourages consumer participation. With the ever-growing phenomenon of social media it is a no-brainer for businesses.

We would love to know what your findings are, after all, knowledge is power, you have the areas that should be worked on, now it is time to act.

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