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HitchinTV’s Haunted Hitchin team have been back in action recently on the trail of even more reported paranormal activity. And this time, it’s scarier than ever.

Haunted Hitchin Team

The team comprising Tony Prezio, Ray Cordell, Bev Kinsey and historian Andy Gibbs, have been investigating stories of Ghosts and hauntings in the Hitchin area since 2015.

They film their investigations which are available to view at exclusive charity fundraising Film Night events, with some episodes eventually being available online.

We asked Tony if their latest investigation at a local landmark had proved successful and had added to evidence of paranormal activity.

He told us “We have been lucky enough to be invited to some incredible historic locations, including Hitchin Priory, Hitchin’s Old Police Station and a privately owned house in Clifton. All the buildings returned unexplained high activity on our EMF ‘ghost hunting equipment, but the last investigation was different, it was literally quite frightening and really un-nerving”.

Tony explained that there were significant temperature drops and fluctuations as they explored deep underground vaults and mysterious rooms. Unexplained footsteps were heard and captured on video. Stories were told by staff of their encounters, such as people being locked in rooms and unable to get out, even though the doors had no locks, especially when the doors eventually swung open.

We asked Tony about some of the things he had witnessed on other investigations and had he concluded that there was such a thing as the paranormal?

“We’ve carried out so many investigations and nearly always have found something happening, more so in some places than others. At the old Police station there was no doubt something going on in what was the Courtroom. Our EMF detectors started going mad, then Bev was convinced that something brushed past her, it was really unsettling. The atmosphere in one of the old cells was extremely oppressive, and again there was high EMF activity. But we’ve heard footsteps in empty buildings, doors that have sprung open, voices answering questions via our spirit box, which is a kind of radio which scans frequencies. So there is, in our opinion, something that we can’t explain.

You will be able to see for yourself, as the latest episode will be shown on the 25th May at the place it was filmed at, The Cloisters in Letchworth. All money raised will go to HitchinTV’s elected charity, The British Schools Museum. You can find out more about Haunted Hitchin and buy tickets HERE

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