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We’re website designers based in Hitchin. You already know how vital your website is for your business, but you may be trying not to think about how much your website really needs a professional revamp

We’ll give you a seamless and affordable process, resulting in a professional-looking and fully functional website, tailored to your business

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Seven key benefits you need to think about, all of which we’ll provide with our website design:

1. First-class user experience

Even if you don’t sell online, your website is the place people go to get information and their first impression of your business. If your website loads slowly, isn’t easy to navigate or isn’t 100% mobile-friendly, your prospect will go elsewhere. With one quick click.

2. High performance

Even more important than load speed, your website must make it 100% easy for anyone to place an order for whatever they want from you. High-quality websites have reduced everyone’s patience with poor performers – if your visitor has any issues with their orders, they’ll vote with their mouse and find a better website.

3. Strong content

There really aren’t many people (on the planet) who want to hear about your history and qualifications, or all the technical jargon – at least until they’ve decided to buy from you. You need compelling copy that will grab people’s attention and make them take action. Some business owners say that a professional copywriter was their best investment.

4. New technology

Even if you can’t tell that your website’s coding feels outdated and rusty, other people definitely can. Your website visitors don’t need to be techies – they’ll be comparing the look and feel with all the other websites out there.

5. Improved SEO rankings

Everything from your keyword strategy to duplicate content has a big impact on your Google ranking. Search engine algorithms favour updated websites. If you want people to find you, you might need a refresh.

6. The hub for your digital marketing

Your website will be the one place that brings all your digital marketing together – social media links, videos, blogs, newsletters. Whatever else you’re investing in, it might be worthless if your website’s out of date.

7. Videos

We have to come back to the other branch of our business! But whoever makes your videos, they need a high-quality and fast-loading website as the perfect backdrop.