Haunted Hitchin

Haunted Hitchin is HitchinTV’s successful reality paranormal mystery documentary.


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We’ve put together a team to investigate purported paranormal activity in Hitchin and the surrounding area. Our investigations have taken us to some extremely interesting locations where paranormal activity has been reported. We’ve interviewed staff who work at some of these locations who have witnessed events and seen possible apparitions that none of us can explain.

We use state of the art equipment to detect and record everything that we find. We’ve captured images and noises that have fundamentally changed the perception of some of our viewers.

We make a selection of edited videos available right here on HitchinTV, but we only show the most interesting episodes at our Haunted Hitchin Film Nights.

Haunted Hitchin Film Nights & Events


If you are interested in everything paranormal, then come along to one of our film nights.

We carefully select the event locations to reflect the atmosphere of each episode we show. Sometimes we are lucky enough to show the episode in the actual place it was made. These have included The atmospheric Victorian British Schools Museum, located in the former Dead Street (now called Queen Street) in Hitchin, the medieval ‘Hayloft’ at the George in Hitchin and the ancient and famous coaching Inn, The Sun Hotel.

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Is your business or home haunted?

We are always looking for new locations and stories to investigate. If your house is ‘haunted’ or employees at your business continually report things that you can’t explain, please get in touch.

Click Here to Watch Episode’s 1-9


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