App Development


App Development


Your customers will be able to download your app form the Apple App Store or Google’s Play Store.  Our phone apps are specifically for small to medium sized businesses. Our new affordable phone apps for Android and iPhone are designed to become an intrinsic part of your online marketing, and in your pocket sales person, on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We’ve researched exactly what businesses needs from an app, cutting out anything superfluous and concentrating on key features that will drive sales and bookings. This has allowed us to reduce the cost of having your own app from thousands to hundreds. 

We’ve created a powerful mobile app for your business to engage with customers when and where it counts – on their mobile. It’s there in their pocket or bag, so if their phone is on, they’re already connected to your business.


Reward customers with in-app deals & mobile vouchers

Increase sales and keep customers coming back with in-app deals and vouchers. We can add new deals at any time then alert your customers instantly. No more pieces of paper cluttering up the till or customers losing their vouchers as soon as they leave your business. Customers are 10 times more likely to redeem vouchers if they’re on a mobile so this is a great opportunity to engage with your customers on a platform that works for them.
Simple, easy, effective.


Repeat business with a loyalty scheme

No more lost loyalty cards, run a digital loyalty scheme and drive repeat business. When a customer returns to your shop or restaurant they hand you their phone and you type in a unique code to add a digital stamp. It takes seconds and makes your business look sophisticated and forward thinking.


Send unlimited custom push notifications

We can create and send real-time deals and alerts. These alerts message the phone owner to view the deal on your app – engage with customers whenever you want, as often as you want. Slow day in the restaurant? Send a push notification with a money off offer. You’re now able to directly interact with your customers wherever they are, keeping your business fresh in their minds. Help your business become a part of their routine with this easy method.


Target customers with location-based messaging

Want to target your customers when they’re nearby? We can create a ‘geo-fence’. This is a a geographic area (for example – 100 meters around your business) and trigger an offer or message to be sent to app users when they are within that zone. We can set up a geo-fence around competing businesses to alert your customers to special deals and offers at your business instead. How about targeting customers when they walk through your door to inform them of a special deal? The possibilities are endless with this clever and specialised tool set making your marketing direct and effective.


Show off your business with great photos

Whether you want to show off your storefront or restaurant, demonstrate your latest line or product, there’s no better way than with a quick and easy to use image gallery. Perhaps you’ve got a video you’d like to put out there, use the app to share them via the simple Youtube video interface. Customers are able to watch them from directly inside the app so there’s no awkward switching or potential for your users to get lost elsewhere on the web. Why not showcase your latest video from HitchinTV within the app and gain even more value from this brilliant feature.


Online table booking and contact

Customers can find all of your contact info, from office phones to fax numbers to emails, use the app’s built-in click to contact feature to make it easy for your customer to get in touch with you, directly from the app. If your business takes bookings online, we can simplify this process and connect your booking page. * As long as your website is mobile, and has a bookings link – subject to testing.

Price list or menu list

You can also give customers a full list of your prices or menu options before they even set foot in the door.

Keep your menu up to date quickly and easily and put it in the hands of your customers right away. Have you a new special this week? Send out a push notification alerting people that your menu has changed and to check out your impressive new dishes. Or perhaps your business deals in bulk orders and want your loyal customers to have your price list at their fingertips wherever they go. Whatever your needs this can be an invaluable tool.


Promote your app with built-in sharing

All of our apps include a QR code and built-in share page. Share from the app or use QR codes on all your physical branding, from posters to letter heads to business cards. Unify your businesses marketing strategy across the board, merging digital and physical promotions into one seamless experience for your customers.



We know how busy you are. You don’t have time to build websites or manage apps. We do everything for you. Have an offer or event? E-mail it though. Want to target a certain competitor with location messaging? Send it through 24 hours before you want it to go live and consider it done.

We do everything. We design your app We preview it with you

Once approved we configure the technical bit and submit it to the App Store and Google Play. Apple App store applications can take up to 3 weeks for approval so please take this into consideration when planning launch dates or other events.

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